Dufour Exclusive 56

Starting From £498,000 + VAT

Dufour Exclusive 56

The flagship of the new Exclusive range, the Dufour Exclusive 56 is synonymous with luxury and comfort and is a stunning yacht that meets the most stringent requirements. This elegant, modern 17-meter sailing yacht with its dynamic lines epitomises luxury. 

This 17-meter yacht brilliantly marries refined design with remarkable innovations. It embodies the boldness of a pioneering project that has managed to keep the essence of a powerful yacht in a sailboat designed to provide the most intense sailing emotions.



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Dufour Exclusive 56 Images

Dufour Exclusive 56 Exterior

The Dufour Exclusive 56 sports an extremely balanced hull, with a powerful aft section, a reduced whetted surface area and appendages perfect for cruising.

 Its high ballast ratio and hull stability enable the yacht to support a powerful rig without compromising on comfort and safety on board. 

The sail plan was developed to guarantee maximum performance with minimum effort.

Dufour Exclusive 56 Interior

On board, the Dufour Exclusive 56 offers all the comfort and luxury features of a yacht, whilst providing everything a sailing enthusiast would need.

Its fluid lines, elegant vertical portholes, horizontal windscreen and rounded edges make this 56-foot sailboat aesthetically striking. It is distinguishable by its meticulous craftsmanship and ultra practical design features. The end result is a unique interior created around a stunning living space.

Dufour Exclusive 56 Interior Images

Dufour Exclusive 56 Technical Spec.

Overall Length : 17.15m

Water Length : 15.17m

Hull Length : 16.3m

Max Beam : 5.05m

Light Displacement : 17,625kg

Draft : 2.5m

Fuel Tank : 500l

Water Tank : 680l

Engine Power: 110hp (150hp option)

Sail Area : 141m2

Dufour Exlusive 56 Deck Plan & Layout

Starting From £498,000 + VAT with Comfort & Navigation Pack