Dufour Yachts UK Dealer

SWUK Marine are proud to be a Dufour Yachts UK Dealer, covering the South & West of the UK and Mediterranean. We can offer a complete range of services and aim to provide the perfect experience whilst purchasing a Dufour Yacht, including an organised, guided tour experience around the shipyard in La Rochelle.

Dufour have been perfecting their range since 1964 and has established a reputation as a leading company in their field. Offering a luxury range of sailing yachts between 31 and 61 feet, an eye-catching modern design, sleek deck layout and superior quality finishes. Known for their ease of sailing, stability, and among the fastest in their class on the water.

Instinctive Sailing

Out on the Ocean lies a world of sensation. 

Setting sail with Dufour is an adventure in superior sailing. Its a guarantee of uncompromising seaworthy excellence that never stints on comfort levels. Its a dedication to exhilarating performance that’s easy to achieve through highly responsive intuitive design. And it’s a promise of good value that doesn’t compromise on durability. By finely balancing these elements, Dufour assures you of a sailing experience that delivers pure, unadulterated sensation. 

Now’s the time to embrace the moment. The ocean is out there waiting. Are you ready to connect. 

Dufour 310 – From £80,810

Dufour 360 – From £93,530

Dufour 390 – From £139,740

Dufour 412 – From £150,000

Dufour 430 – From £179,000

Dufour 470 – From £215,750

The Yard

One of the major sailboat manufacturers worldwide.

Established more than 50 years ago on the Atlantic coats, Dufour plays an important role in the region and is one of La Rochelle’s main employers.

In 1957 engineer, Michel Dufour discovered the material polyester. At the time, he was a keen competition sailor with a real passion for yachts, class rules and hydrodynamics. This sparked his idea to make a yacht made of polyester in 1964. The rest is history.

100% made in France, all models are thought of, designed and produced in La Rochelle, in the company headquarters. With near 400 yachts produced each year. Dufour Yachts manages it’s whole production line, from planning through to the end product.

Dufour 390 Stock Yacht

The Dufour 390. The small big boat. This is one of the latest models built only released a year ago, she has proven a popular and more than capable sailing yacht with a performance feel about her. This Dufour 390 with the all new interior has arrived in Brixham Marina. Please ask for a specification and register your interest, and arrange a viewing!


Dufour 360 Stock Yacht

This Dufour 360 will be arriving in March 2021 and will available for viewing at Brixham Marina by appointment. Fitted with a unique spec to view what a Dufour Yacht can offer you. For information on the spec of this yacht or to book a viewing be sure to contact us!

Why Dufour?

Whilst the yachts have been evolved around the concept of simple, easy sailing you can fully customise your Dufour to enhance her performance with features such as over lapping headsails, German mainsheet systems, code zero’s and asymmetric down wind sails. 

There is a wide selection of layout and furnishing options, allowing you to not only choose your sailing performance on deck but have flexibility down below as well.

Sailing features

  • Integrated self tacking jibs for effortless upwind sailing
  • Winches located close to the helm for easy control of the sails
  • Low height gooseneck to make handling and stowing the mainsail simple
  • Fixed dolphin bows to offer easy launching of a code zero and better handling of the anchor
  • Stack packs to stow the mainsail easily and neatly
  • Twin helms for great visibility
  • Shroud attachments placed inboard for safe manoeuvring around the deck and ideal genoa sheeting
  • Flexible options to locate chart plotter and instrument displays around the cockpit for easy reference.


  • Fast, balanced & stable hull shape with distinct chines to reduce heel
  • Increased sail area with high aspect rig design and fully battened mainsails and angled boom
  • Intelligent design of the keel and rudder appendages to balance the sail plan
  • Wide hulls at the transom
  • Balanced rudders that grip well even in rough conditions
  • L Shaped torpedo bulbs creating improved righting moment with reduced drag
  • Option for overlapping headsails with deck tracks and adjustable cars
  • Easily launched downwind sails from fixed & extendable bowsprits
  • Up gradable sail packages

Build Quality

  •  Rigid hulls to maintain the designed hull shape under extreme loads
  • Hull made up of PVC foam between laminated layers, better noise insulation, increased rigidity and no absorption of humidity
  • Self aligning rudder bearings
  • Stainless rudder blade and shaft encased in epoxy foam
  • One piece injection moulded decks, improved head room, significant structural weight / performance ratio.
  • Extensive use of solid wood finish around the boat crafted by passionate and experienced craftsmen
  • High quality furnishings and fittings
  • Extensive quality control checks at each stage of the build process


  • Modular interiors that allow flexible living onboard and easy adjustment of the interior to suit the moment
  • Numerous cabin layout options to choose from
  • Large double opening doors to allow open living, additional light and improved ventilation
  • Maximum natural light offered through large deck windows in the saloon and aft cabins
  • Plentiful storage
  • Solid wood finishes to create a warm interior
  • Three choices of interior finishes Moabi, Light Oak & Teak
  • Well equipped galley areas with high capacity fridges

Comfort Onboard

  • Dedicated wine cellar
  • Full width opening transom with cockpit showers
  • Fold away helm seats (Dufour 310)
  • Cockpit BBQ Grill / Sink cooking area
  • Bench seats in cockpit lift to create sun bed (D412 / D430 / D470 / D530 / D560)
  • Increased ventilation below decks
  • Fully equipped galley with large refrigerators
  • Generous natural light around the boat
  • Adjustable height chart tables to create additional seating areas when not in use
  • Spacious and ergonomic cockpits